The Rape Kit of a Little Girl

26 May
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Look into my eyes, I hope you die
Crushed into a million pieces
Chop you up, and put you in the garbage disposal

And rip your head off
And crush your neck with a fucking ten-inch knife
Punch a fucking bullet right through your brain
Right into the part of insanity, insanity

Right down in the middle of your forehead
With a razor blade on your cheek
To make you pretty, make you bleed

Right through the beginning, through the mirror
Riding it backwards in the back room
Don't you understand?
I'll chop you up into a million pieces

I hope you fucking die
I hope you fucking die
Well I hope you fucking die
Well I hope you fucking die

Right through passivist, passivist
Right through the passivist
Through history into your brain, we walk backwards

Understand religion is the only card you play in your hands

I'll pull a knife, I'll cut your neck
I'll chop your head off, I'll break your legs
I'll chop your legs off and put you in the freezer
Watch you freeze, freeze, freeze

Fucking die, fucking die
Fucking die, fucking die

Watch your room, through your head in the room
Where you are bleeding, from a circle
I'll clean up your body parts with a fucking vacuum cleaner

-Velvet Acid Christ, "Speedball O.D."
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