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I've been meaning to update this thing for a while now. By now I've pretty much forgotten a large chunk of my weekend (I'd like to thank past excessive drug use for frying my brain *bows*) but I'll try and recollect what's happened, and I can assure you, it's nothing too exciting.
Friday was no school. *scans brain frantically for memories*

*crickets chirp*

Wait! Went to the mall with Crystal so she could get Matt's birthday present, then went to work. After work I think we went to the movies, and watched the Butterfly Effect. Good movie. Went to Matt's afterwards and smoked some marijuana and snorted Ritalin (it sounds pathetic, but I dare you all to try's loveable!). Got me pretty fucked up. Went home and slept.
Saturday was Matt's 18th birthday. Worked until 4:30, came home and waited for Albert. Enhancement on the "waited". He showed up 2 hours later, and in that time period I had become so dreadfully bored that I actually put on a skirt. Did my makeup all nice with electric blue, wore my blue and black striped leggings and put my hair up in two little bun-things. Cute. Went to Tyler's and drank a bit. Came home. End of Saturday.
Today I got in a fight with my mom and came to work, which only wound up increasing my nightmarish day. Wow. Worst day at work EVER. I wound up screaming at Jeremy and telling him to go fuck off and fuck himself and to not fucking talk to me. That was pure satisfaction. Had the worst time though, it was so busy and crazy, and people were being assholes. I hate humans.
Came home and hung out with Albert. He went to go catch his last bus and missed it, so now he's here on my couch. This would be the fourth night in a row he's slept here. Meh. I have no complaints, although I'm sure his family misses him.
I'm not going to school tomorrow. Albert has a field trip which would have prevented him from going to school the entire day anyway, so we're going to hang out and see my dad for a bit. Haven't seen him in a while.

Not too bad of a memory fart. God damned steroids! *pumps muskles*

*eats a gecko*

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