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A much needed update.

Alright the weekend was pretty good, considering. Events were as follows:
Friday was spent working. Albert was over at Tasha's celebrating William's birthday and I could not get ahold of him most of the night. Came home and bought a fat gram off Matt, and that was the highlight of my Friday.
Saturday I worked until 5. Afterwards I met up with Bree (I WANT YOUR FUCK-ME BOOTS!) for a bit, and after she left I got ultra bitchy and pissed off because I had absolutely no plans and wanted to get fucking DRUNK. Got ahold of September and she came over and the three of us got drunk. Tyler, Hayley and Vicki stopped by for a bit, then everyone left and I FINALLY got some time alone with my baby boy whom I had painfully missed the entire week as he was on work experience.
Sunday I woke up to a phone call from Matt saying he got promoted. He told me to come over and join the mad sesh in his room in celebration. Oddly enough, Will and Kurtis were there which was cool. Later that night I blazed with Matt and Crystal out of a fucking BEER CAN because we had no drug-smoking apparatus.

Mmmmm, aluminum.

I need crack.
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