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Matt and Agata sold us out for that fucking cabin. She called, and the bitch on the phone said no more than two people could use it because we're young. So instead of trying to find somewhere else for us all to go, they fucking took the cabin. Fucking assholes!!!! Oh well, they'll have a hell of a fun time trying to pay for that by themselves. Really sucks though, cuz that was one fucking nice cabin.
Anyway, my computer still isn't hooked up yet so I'm unaware of anything new going on in internet land. So, here's my uneventful weekend.
Friday: Albert, Matt, Crystal, Tyler and I all drank over at Tyler's. I had a 2L bottle of cooler but didn't finish it. Didn't get drunk, just a bit tipsy. Watched the end of Scarface. Wicked shit.
Saturday: Albert, Matt, Crystal and I split a 24 pack of Budweiser at my place. Mmmmm I love Bud. Best beer ever. On my third one, Matt and Albert egged me on to finish half of the beer in one chug, and I did it, but as soon as I put the bottle down I'm like "...oh fuck." My mouth started salivating like it always does before I vomit, and I ran to the bathroom. The toilet seat was down and I stood there for a minute trying to force the puke down because I REALLY did not want to puke. But before I could lift up the toilet seat, I projectile vomited chunks out of my nose all over the bathroom. Nothing beats that good old nasally burning sensation like spew out the nose. Anyways, my mom got highly irritated and cranky about that. Got drunk once I finished my beer though.

6 more days until mine and Albert's one year. Yay!
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