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Came home at lunch today because school is lame and I hate it. I hope everyone there dies. But Saturday is Valentine's Day so that's kinda cool, first time I've ever had anyone to celebrate it with. Then the day after is mine and Albert's one year, hell fucking yes. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and I am getting fucking smashed.

I've kinda started writing again, which is good because I haven't in quite a while. I used to write every day but I just sort of stopped. My brain's just been too fried; I can't think worth shit anymore. I can't even comprehend my own thoughts, let alone things like schoolwork and whatnot.

I miss Fort Langley. And Jesus fuck the goddamned phone needs to stop ringing or I'm gonna have to take some action. *loads shotgun*

Okay, who wants to play "find Kelsey's cerebrum"?

Haha. Okay I'm going to bed.
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