FILTH (kittyplacenta) wrote,

haha craziness

This thing takes random snippets from your journal and turns it into a haiku. That's great.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:kittyplacenta
Your haiku:i'm covered in
hot pink ink i'm back into
the hole again
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:kittyplacenta
Your haiku:head with a fiery
passion i wish i could just
burst i'm going insane
Created by Grahame
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someone owes me some MSN chat time! I'm on all the gahdamn time since my comp does it auto at startup. GET ON.
Hey its Sharpie, i got drunk my first time with seppie and Will and i gave you some of my cooler lol. sup?
Hello, this is Emily. I asked Chris for your livejournal name, hope 'tis all right?

Don't bother with my journals, they remain empty.
Hey man, how are you? How come you stopped writing in your journals? I liked reading them, they were always interesting.
I'm above averagely decent. How are you...or should I just presume? I stopped writing because they were whiny and dramatic; then they became too sugary and fake.

I'm glad they didn't bore you, at least. Would you mind if I kept updated on YOUR journal? I find it much more interesting...especially when I could have a peek at the notorious...with every positive connotation implied.

Hey, knock yourself out. Hope I can be of decent entertainment :) *nods*

But as for me, I'm doing good. Still have the standard problems that never go away, but quite happy nonetheless. And I never thought your journal was whiny and dramatic. You definitely have a thing for words my dear, you're quite a good writer. You and Chris both :)
^_^ It's good to hear that things are all right, for the most part. Time yet ticks.

I'm excited to read-on! I'm off to sleep now, hope to read more soon!